The Farewell Tour Concludes (And Visa Updates)

This week has been a whirlwind. After getting back from Florida on Wednesday night after a twelve hour travel day, I had one day to decompress before flying to San Diego for the USAFL National Tournament. I've been playing footy for over three years but this was my first time playing at Nationals. Going into… Continue reading The Farewell Tour Concludes (And Visa Updates)

6 Tips For Networking From Overseas

When people find out that I'm moving to New Zealand, they almost always ask me about what I’ll do for work. Thankfully, a partner resident visa doesn't have any employment restrictions. I’m hoping to find a job quickly because its almost November now and like the States, companies don’t usually hire during the holiday season.… Continue reading 6 Tips For Networking From Overseas

An Unexpected Gift; My Trip To Florida

For the past few weeks I've been pretty bummed to not be in New Zealand. There's been so much build up to getting settled in Christchurch and its been frustrating feeling like my life is paused until I get my visa. But the other day I found out my grandfather was in the hospital and… Continue reading An Unexpected Gift; My Trip To Florida