Pass The Stuffing; My First Thanksgiving In NZ

This week I celebrated my first American Thanksgiving in New Zealand! Despite not having finished unpacking, Pete and I decided we still wanted to have some friends over to celebrate Turkey Day. Our friends accepted the invitation, excited to experience a classic American holiday. It's a bit of a miracle that we managed it, given… Continue reading Pass The Stuffing; My First Thanksgiving In NZ

Greetings From New Zealand!

Hey, guys! If you've been following my Facebook or Instagram accounts then you already know that this past week has been absolutely bananas. On Friday my passport was mailed back from the NZ consulate in Washington and I was on a plane to Auckland Sunday night. Here's a timeline of the insanity... Thursday: I went… Continue reading Greetings From New Zealand!

House Hunting – Renting A House In Christchurch

Over the last 27 years I've moved a lot. 12 times to be exact. I think that moving around so much is a big part of how I came to love traveling. Every city offers new streets to wander and interesting people to meet. This desire to explore is what took me to California in… Continue reading House Hunting – Renting A House In Christchurch