Bluff Oyster Festival: A Culinary Adventure at the Bottom of the World

For a small town, Bluff has made a pretty big splash on the international food scene (pun intended). Known for their world famous oysters, Bluff is also a prime fishing spot for sea urchin, Pāua, scallops, and blue cod to name a few. These tasty treats can be found everywhere from the local fish and… Continue reading Bluff Oyster Festival: A Culinary Adventure at the Bottom of the World

Checking In – Six Months in New Zealand

The last few weeks, between all the travel and general chaos of everyday life, I almost missed celebrating an expat milestone... I've been in New Zealand for six months! It flew by in the snap of my fingers. I can't believe that since November I've found a job, brought our dog over from America, learned to… Continue reading Checking In – Six Months in New Zealand

On Tour, Pt 4 – Seafood in Kaikoura and a Night at Mt Lyford Lodge

After our quick taste of Kiwi wine country, we loaded up the car and hit the road, cruising down State Highway 1 until we hit our next destination, Kaikoura. A coastal town, Kaikoura is where you'll find some of the freshest seafood in New Zealand. Its name literally translates to eat crayfish (Kai = food, Koura = Crayfish).