Christchurch Lantern Festival

This weekend was Christchurch's annual Lantern Festival. For two nights, the CBD was bursting with locals and tourists celebrating Chinese New Year and welcoming in the Year of the Dog. This year marked the festival's return to the center of town after the 2011 earthquake. For the past several years, it was temporarily moved to Hagley… Continue reading Christchurch Lantern Festival

Cyclone Gita – Don’t Worry Ma, I’m Fine

When I first decided to move to New Zealand, I knew there'd be adjustments. For starters, I'd be driving on the left, celebrating Christmas in summer, and using the word heaps more in a few months than I ever had in my whole life. Looking back, it seems I left out, "preparing for impending cyclones."… Continue reading Cyclone Gita – Don’t Worry Ma, I’m Fine

Christchurch Libraries 101 & My 2018 Reading Challenge

Throughout my life, I've fluctuated between ripping through books and then finding myself in a months-long literary drought. Every time I get back into reading I ask myself why I ever stopped. To avoid perpetuating this terrible cycle, I'm committing to reading 52 books in 2018. Here's the thing, books can be pretty pricey. Let's… Continue reading Christchurch Libraries 101 & My 2018 Reading Challenge