The Art of Having Friends in Far Away Places

Staying in touch with people after you've moved away can be challenging. After three moves in the last five years, it's a struggle I know all too well. It can be hard to work around crazy time differences and the general busyness of everyday life. Here's my advice on how to overcome those hurdles and… Continue reading The Art of Having Friends in Far Away Places

So You’ve Made It To New Zealand, Now What?

First off, congrats if you've made it to New Zealand! Now that you're here, you may be starting to realize that those months of planning and filling out paperwork may not be over just yet. If it's all feeling a little overwhelming, here are 5 things you can do within the first few days of… Continue reading So You’ve Made It To New Zealand, Now What?

Greetings From New Zealand!

Hey, guys! If you've been following my Facebook or Instagram accounts then you already know that this past week has been absolutely bananas. On Friday my passport was mailed back from the NZ consulate in Washington and I was on a plane to Auckland Sunday night. Here's a timeline of the insanity... Thursday: I went… Continue reading Greetings From New Zealand!