The State of My Nation

I was a Senior in high school the first year I was eligible to vote. It was 2008 and Obama's campaign ran on one simple principle, hope. Shepard Fairey's duo-chrome portrait of the then-presidential nominee's face was splashed on billboards and bulletin boards everywhere, challenging the Nation to believe a better future was possible. I'm not [...]

My Family Tree

My Family Tree

When I was nine, I was given a school assignment to make a family tree. Using scissors and glue, the standard tools for any elementary school art project, I arranged photos of my family onto a large white poster board. Next to each picture I drew the lines that connected us. As part of the assignment, [...]

Pass The Stuffing; My First Thanksgiving In NZ

This week I celebrated my first American Thanksgiving in New Zealand! Despite not having finished unpacking, Pete and I decided we still wanted to have some friends over to celebrate Turkey Day. Our friends accepted the invitation, excited to experience a classic American holiday. It's a bit of a miracle that we managed it, given [...]