Licensed to Drive – How to Convert Your License in New Zealand

New Zealand roads are full of hairpin turns, one lane bridges, and ill-equipped tourists driving giant RVs. Add driving on the left to the mix and getting around in this country can sometimes feel, well, a bit terrifying. Luckily these hazards are mostly limited to state highways and rural roads - so about 80% of New… Continue reading Licensed to Drive – How to Convert Your License in New Zealand

Cyclone Gita – Don’t Worry Ma, I’m Fine

When I first decided to move to New Zealand, I knew there'd be adjustments. For starters, I'd be driving on the left, celebrating Christmas in summer, and using the word heaps more in a few months than I ever had in my whole life. Looking back, it seems I left out, "preparing for impending cyclones."… Continue reading Cyclone Gita – Don’t Worry Ma, I’m Fine

Tumbledown Bay

Summer is in full swing here in Christchurch. We've had several days in the high 20s and I've never been more thankful for the discovery that heat pumps also blow cold air. This weekend I took full advantage of my last moments of funemployment and did what every Kiwi does when the weather gets above 27...hit the… Continue reading Tumbledown Bay