On Tour, Pt 4 – Seafood in Kaikoura and a Night at Mt Lyford Lodge

After our quick taste of Kiwi wine country, we loaded up the car and hit the road, cruising down State Highway 1 until we hit our next destination, Kaikoura. A coastal town, Kaikoura is where you'll find some of the freshest seafood in New Zealand. Its name literally translates to eat crayfish (Kai = food, Koura = Crayfish).

Christchurch Lantern Festival

This weekend was Christchurch's annual Lantern Festival. For two nights, the CBD was bursting with locals and tourists celebrating Chinese New Year and welcoming in the Year of the Dog. This year marked the festival's return to the center of town after the 2011 earthquake. For the past several years, it was temporarily moved to Hagley… Continue reading Christchurch Lantern Festival

Life Updates: I’ve Started My Job & The Pup Arrives in 19 Days!

If you read my post a few weeks ago then you know I accepted a job offer from St John in November. What you may not have realized is that it didn't start until last week! Last Monday I dusted off my black slacks, put on shoes that weren't flip flops jandals, and took the 8:00am… Continue reading Life Updates: I’ve Started My Job & The Pup Arrives in 19 Days!