My Top Three Tips for Making a New House Feel Like Home

As someone who's moved a few times in my life, I like to think I've become something of a relocation expert. When we first moved to Christchurch, I had every intention of breaking the cycle. I was ready to throw our packing boxes to the curb and settle into the new house for at least… Continue reading My Top Three Tips for Making a New House Feel Like Home

House Hunting – Renting A House In Christchurch

Over the last 27 years I've moved a lot. 12 times to be exact. I think that moving around so much is a big part of how I came to love traveling. Every city offers new streets to wander and interesting people to meet. This desire to explore is what took me to California in… Continue reading House Hunting – Renting A House In Christchurch

The Farewell Tour Concludes (And Visa Updates)

This week has been a whirlwind. After getting back from Florida on Wednesday night after a twelve hour travel day, I had one day to decompress before flying to San Diego for the USAFL National Tournament. I've been playing footy for over three years but this was my first time playing at Nationals. Going into… Continue reading The Farewell Tour Concludes (And Visa Updates)