Licensed to Drive – How to Convert Your License in New Zealand

New Zealand roads are full of hairpin turns, one lane bridges, and ill-equipped tourists driving giant RVs. Add driving on the left to the mix and getting around in this country can sometimes feel, well, a bit terrifying. Luckily these hazards are mostly limited to state highways and rural roads - so about 80% of New… Continue reading Licensed to Drive – How to Convert Your License in New Zealand

Christchurch Lantern Festival

This weekend was Christchurch's annual Lantern Festival. For two nights, the CBD was bursting with locals and tourists celebrating Chinese New Year and welcoming in the Year of the Dog. This year marked the festival's return to the center of town after the 2011 earthquake. For the past several years, it was temporarily moved to Hagley… Continue reading Christchurch Lantern Festival

The Art of Having Friends in Far Away Places

Staying in touch with people after you've moved away can be challenging. After three moves in the last five years, it's a struggle I know all too well. It can be hard to work around crazy time differences and the general busyness of everyday life. Here's my advice on how to overcome those hurdles and… Continue reading The Art of Having Friends in Far Away Places